CIRCECO Erasmus+ Project | Objectives




CIRCECO project’s specific goals are as follows:


    • Circular Economy joint research – conducted in collaboration with participants from the business sector, researchers, experts, professionals and students in order to analyze economic indicators and potential benefits and risks of transitioning from linear to circular economy.


    • Support and implement models for effective and practical learning through raising awareness and inspiring students to rethink the economic future from the viewpoint of circular economy; establish innovative educational practices and training platforms so as to speed up the transition from linear to circular economy; provide the latest information,  insights, and views implemented in the Master Study Program for circular economy needed to accelerate the transition; foster innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial skills.


    • Support and development of innovative business models focused on a renewable and self-sustainable economy and employs innovations resulting from the circular economy and the cooperation with the business sector; implementation of a comprehensive business initiative for circular economy and support throughout the implementation stage; strengthening the knowledge-transfer infrastructure.


    • Creating an Online platform will enable the setting up and implementation of an on-line study programme, enabling students and staff to log in, upload and download learning materials, forum discussions, as well as an option for live consultations and lectures.


    • Promoting the benefits of the innovative Online Master Study Programme for Circular Economy and raising awareness through relevant electronic and press media in order to inform about the latest findings, reports and achievements in the field of circular economy and exchanging views of all interested parties.


    • Increased awareness in the importance of circular economy, not only among the business sector, but for the wider audience as well.



The project’s target groups are as follows:


  • students
  • business community
  • general population
  • entrepreneurs and other stakeholders.


The project will result in developing a modern study programme, exchange of best business practices, and encouraging innovative ideas on development and protection of the environment.


The general and specific objectives refer to the need to build transnational strategic partnership aimed at connecting partner universities, involved institutions and the business sector. Through transnational collaboration and rethinking incentives, exchanging experience and knowledge in the field of circular economy – partner organizations will create and implement an In-class and Online Master Study Programme for Circular Economy.