CIRCECO Erasmus+ Project | Outputs




Output 1 – Baseline Report (January- March 2018)


Publication of the full report from the conducted joint research on circular economy. The report will analyze and process data from the current situation on the waste market, recycling, the need to abandon the concept of linear economy “take – make – consume – throw away”, the need for personnel trained for waste utilization and profit generation, relevant legislation, the need for clean air and environment, raising environmental awareness. The report will include expertise and measures that will contribute to creating a new curriculum. Research will be conducted on a range of representative samples that will provide relevant, accurate and timely data in order to get an accurate idea on the need, effects, obstacles, and benefits of circular economy. The collected data will be analyzed using an SPSS matrix, and the results will represent a quality indicator for taking necessary measures and recommendations for a transition from linear to circular economy.


Output 2 – Business and entrepreneurship Manual for Circular Economy (January- March 2018)


The shift to a circular economy requires innovative business models that either replace existing ones or seize new opportunities. Companies with significant market share and capabilities along several vertical steps of the linear value chain could play a major role in circular economy innovation and driving circularity into the mainstream by leveraging their scale and vertical integration. While many new models, materials, and products will come from entrepreneurs, these brand and volume leaders can also play a critical role. Profitable circular economy business models and initiatives will inspire other players and will be copied and expanded geographically.


Output 3 – Curriculum Building (March – September 2018)


Creating a new Master Study Programme for Circular Economy (one-year studies of 60 ECTS) that will fully respond to the challenges of the financial crisis, limited resources, and global climate change, will stimulate the innovative spirit of students and search for new business ideas and economically viable solutions for utilization of waste and profit generation. The curriculum for circular economy will be a unification of efforts towards creation and implementation of joint master study program. Through this curriculum, students will learn about the importance and benefits of circular economy and the need to abandon the concept of linear economy (take – make – consume – throw away). Moreover, this curriculum will foster an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit in students for new business ideas to develop economically viable solutions for waste utilization and profit generation.


Output 4 – Curriculum study materials (September 2018 – March 2019)


Due to lack of adequate relevant expert bibliography on Circular Economy, and in line with the set curriculum, programme institutions will prepare relevant subject-specific literature which will integrate innovative and applicable scientific aspects from the field of Circular Economy, as well as new methodologies so as to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.


Output 5 – Online platform Development (January 2018 – May 2019)


Software development of the online platform for e-learning will be created and tested. It will host the Online Master Study Program for Circular Economy and it will enable enrollment of students, affiliation of teachers (educators) and continuous curriculum following within the defined terms. Also, it will provide options for setting up, storing (upload), download of the study materials and for hosting of the study program.


Output 6 – Online Course materials (April – August 2019)


The project staff will produce learning materials for a given subject – according to the defined curriculum. The learning materials will be produced by the project staff. (pdf files, Power point slides, short videos) and they will be uploaded and stored during and after the project duration. All of the enrolled students will be able to open and download these study materials.